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Fair Trade Principles

Pilgrims is a small family run business with a strong ethical policy.

Our suppliers are paid a decent wage for their work; working conditions are safe and a good standard; no children are exploited. All our products are skilfully created in a positive and pleasant environment.

While we aim to buy from small scale producers, we also buy from some larger enterprises. The workers there can gain from advantages in working for a larger organisation such as greater job security and extra benefits. These might include free healthcare for the worker and their family and free or subsidised education. Many larger suppliers are also able to support community projects.

As most of our suppliers are small scale businesses with limited resources, we usually make advance payments for raw materials wherever necessary to avoid the supplier getting into debt or being unable to fulfill an order.

All of our suppliers ensure that their workers are paid a fair price for the work they do and we aim to ensure that no children under the age of 16 are involved in factory based production for Pilgrims. In fact, our clothing suppliers only have Master Tailors working for them who have been making clothing for many years.

Many Pilgrims items are produced by home workers which provides useful additional income whilst allowing them to look after their homes and families.

Pilgrims are a low environmetal impact business and our products use azo-free dyes. Many of our products are made entirely from recycled materials (and are labeled as such on our website). We also encourage suppliers to use recycled packaging on their products. Many are now using recycled plastic and recycled cardboard and we aim to get them all doing so.

For products we do not import ourselves, we use BAFTS recognised importers that are UK and Europe based.

* * *

Pilgrims is a supporter of Free Tibet and the Tibet Society.

We collect used stamps for a small organisation that has an army of knitters who make clothing for premature and stillborn babies. You can drop them through the door to Andil House in an envelope marked "Pilgrims".

Supplier of wonderous blocks!