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Nepalese Striped Cotton Head Band Pastel Rainbow Shades

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Weight: 25 g
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** Fair Trade ** Accredited Clothing Accessory

One Size

The supplier employ's 150-200 men and women and even more in busy times. Most of their employees are peasants. They use traditional techniques in the manufacturing process such as knitting, crochet, knot-craft, hand embroidery and they use a handmade loom (taan) to make fabrics. They receive one months bonus at the time of the festival and provide advances if required and health cover and overtime. Hemp and nettles are still collected by local villagers in the higher mountain region where it grows wild and the other materials that are used are 100% natural or recycled. In the local community, they provide training for knitting, knot-craft and stitching for beginners, besides this they organised a blood donation programme under the management of LION's club of Kathmandu and they also give donations to a social service organisation. Their company has been working in this field for more than 10 years. Nepal is an under developed country facing political crises, poor education and under investment. They are always supporting their people's art and skill by promoting it to many parts of the world and they are proud to raise the lifestyle of village women.

Please note that due to the nature of this product occasionally, there may be slight errors in the weave or colour. This is a characteristic of the item, love it!

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