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Brocade Sari Dress

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Weight: 800 g

Our range of Brocade Sari clothing has now arrived! Each piece is unique as it is hand sewn using recycled saris from Rajesthan, India.

No two are alike and vary from piece to piece. Our talented tailor Mukesh, has made these items using the decorative brocade sections of the sari to produce some truly beautiful and unique items of clothing.

The dress is made of two pieces of fabric (from the same sari). The top section is fully elasticated on the back and partially on the front and has a straight skirt and does up with two straps (with loops on the back) and can also be worn as a halter neck.

Size: One size up to size 14

We have tried to take photos to show you the detail in the fabric, should you wish to see other photos, please do email us.

Please note that due to the nature of this product occasionally, there may be slight errors in the weave or colour. This is a characteristic of the item, love it!

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