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Spiritual Sky Henna Powder Mahogany 100gm

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Weight: 130 g
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Each box contains 100gm of mahogany henna powder from India.

Henna helps naturally strengthen your hair and leaves your hair shiny and manageable.

Henna is a colouring because of the presence of a tannin, a natural colouring in its leaves. It bonds with the keratin in the hair; henna revitalises your hair and enriches it with subtle highlights, strengthening the roots, the body of the hair, leaving it healthy whilst providing supple, shiny colour to your hair.

Spiritual Sky henna hair dye powder is ideal for anyone wanting a natural alternative to harsh chemical dyes.

The colour that results from dying with henna depends on the original colour of the hair.

You should not use this product in conjunction with any other boxed/ready mixed dye!!

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